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"We are experts in container sales, providing many type and size of ISO used and new containers, container conversion and manufacture of portable container site office, container house, container toilet, container cafe, container food outlet, and various kind of container building". 

"In term of container conversion, work we do covers ranging from (but not limited to) design, fabrication, 
construction, delivery and installation of the container on site as the client wants."

"We are led and engineered by experts that have been experienced for 18 years in the field of container business. The team are expert in design architecture, fabrication and construction. 

Combining expertise, product knowledge, design and manufacturing experiences, with innovation and high creativity enable us to create
better quality and durable container products even more than able to meet the expectations of our clients."

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The making of Jogjaone Park's Marketing Gallery

Posted under News | Facts | Promo on : 24/07/2015 23:44:00
Jogjaone Park's Marketing Gallery was designed by Jogjaone's team of architect and proudly constructed by Container Jakarta™, PT.Red Stars Revelation, Jakarta - Indonesia. This container building made of 4 x 40ft Hi Cube and 1 x 20ft used containers. The 70% construction work took place at CJ's workshop in Cakung Jakarta and 30% installation and finishing work at Jogjaone Park's site Jl.Adi Sujipto, Jogjakarta. The whole process took about 3 months from January to March 2015.


The making of Mobile Fuel Diesel Station (MFDS)

Posted under News | Facts | Promo on : 10/07/2014 02:49:34
We converted a 20 footer container into a Mobile Fuel Diesel Station - so called MFDS. This unit has function as portable station for supplying diesel fuel to fisherman near riverside, we have supplied 7 set of them to riverside along Sumatera, Java, and all over Indonesia. Each unit equipped with fuel dispenser, fuel tank cap. 20 KL with automatic tank gauging, and Software System to record and monitor the fuel supply accurately.


Test Aplikasi Insulator Dinding Kontainer

Posted under News | Facts | Promo on : 18/05/2014 18:03:37
Tim teknik kami melakukan test secara komprehensif terhadap beberapa aplikasi Insulator yang umum digunakan sebagai pelapis dan peredam panas pada interior kabin dinding kontainer dan menemukan fakta bahwa insulasi dipasaran belum optimal dalam meredam panas, sehingga seringkali interior kabin container masih cenderung panas pada siang hari meskipun sudah menggunakan pendingin ruangan (AC). Pada banyak kasus mesin kompresor AC mudah rusak karena mesin bekerja extra untuk menurunkan suhu ruangan container yang berinsulasi tidak memadai. Berikut hasil test kami:


Rumah Kontainer, Murah, Bervariasi, Berkualitas Terbaik, Harga Pantas

Posted under News | Facts | Promo on : 10/05/2014 16:50:56
Temukan  semua kebutuhan modifikasi container anda di sini, beragam model dan tipe yang bisa anda sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan anda atau bisnis perusahaan anda. Mudah, bervariasi, berkualitas sangat baik, harga pantas – dapat disesuaikan dengan budget anda, harga masuk akal – sesuai slogan ada harga ada kualitas.


Why choose Container Jakarta™?

Posted under News | Facts | Promo on : 10/05/2014 16:50:56
There are many benefits you will gain from our product & services such as various type to choose depend on your budget, we help you safe cost on maintenance after years of purchase, lot of guarantees on product, transparent and detail in specification, still not satisfied? money back guaranteed


We work hand in hand with you and with our dedicated delivery team to ensure your container project is built to the highest standards.
Our engineers and fabrication team are all very experienced and take pride in superior workmanship.

Quality and Innovation are our spirit!

- Company's Commitment -

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